Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door Opener

This Chamberlain group Chamberlain B1381 garage door opener has extremely bright LED lights with motion sensors and auto on/off features. It works efficiently without occupying much space in your garage, also without being much of a brat and causing the least disturbance. This Smart garage opener comes with Wi-Fi-enabled features, and you can access your garage door and keep a check on it from anywhere in the world. Its intelligent garage control makes it an efficient product available in the market to open garage doors efficiently.

1. Design

Our Chamberlain B1381 belt drive smart garage door opener weighs about 3.63 pounds and is 26.75 x 8.06 x 13.38 inches. It has a corner to corner lighting and can be operated through your smartphone using the myQ app. Its set-up has 3, 100-lumens of LED lighting to enlighten your whole garage.

This garage door opener is compatible with your garage doors that are up to seven feet high. For higher doors than this said height, you will need an extension kit. This product is not too big or too small, just the perfect size with a strong belt drive that ensures a perfect operation. Chamberlain is a very trusted garage door opener manufacturer from North America that ensures well designed and best quality products to its customers.

2. Battery Backup and Power System

With Max lift power system-1. 25 HPS this garage door opener is extremely well built and strong. It has the highest lifting capacity in comparison to 1¼ power class. Its anti-vibration technology makes sure that this one doesn’t tremble much and eventually closes the door smoothly.

Our garage door opener Chamberlain model B1381 can work effectively in extreme weather conditions as well. Power outages won’t stop you from using this garage door opener as it has an amazing battery backup that makes sure to give you its proper access. That is, you can easily open or close your garage door during power outages due to this built-in battery backup.

3. Intelligent Garage Control

It is very easy to connect this Chamberlain B1381 garage door opener device to Wi-Fi and download the myQ app on your smartphone. Just set up your account and get going. This is one of the coolest features that you can operate your garage door from anywhere in the world just through this app!

This garage opener comes with motion sensors that ensure to light it up whenever you are in the garage and automatically turn it off whenever you are out. There is an Auto-Close feature that will ensure to close the door if you forget to do so. With its motion sensor, you can adjust the time for auto off of your garage door ranging from 1.5 minutes to 4.5 minutes. You can connect it with Google assistant, key, wink, and IFTTT for voice controls.

4. Noise Level and Belt Drive

Most garage door openers can be noisy and disturbing. This can be a huge drawback for people to go and get one. But with this Chamberlain garage opener model B1381, you don’t have to worry about any sound. This one is super quiet, ensuring smooth performance with its steel- reinforced belt drive.

This garage door opener is made with high-grade materials and ensures the efficient operation of the door. The lower noise level makes sure you are not bothering anyone and walk-in or out of the garage silently whenever you want to. And the anti-vibration features, along with these extremely effective steel drive chains, make sure that there’s no trembling taking place.

5. LED Lights

This myq smart garage door opener Chamberlain B1381 amazon appears with corner to corner lighting that illuminates your whole garage. Compared to any other standard door opener, this one fills your garage with more light as it has 3, 100-lumens of LED lighting. These LED lights come with a motion sensor that turns them on or turns off whenever you walk in and out of your garage without the need to fumble in the dark for switches.

The control board that can be placed on the garage wall provides digital time and temperature readouts. You can use the button there to keep the lights on whenever you want to. The motion sensors also make sure to auto-off doors according to the pre-set time!

6. Accessories

The package of this Chamberlain security garage door opener contains two 3-button TriBand frequency remotes that can control up to three garage doors each. With the TriBand technology, the frequency range increases up to 1,500 feet and ensures quick usage of the garage. It also comes with safety sensors that make certain to detect any obstruction on its way and simply reverses the door if found any, without any damage.

The wireless keypad is used to operate the opener feasibly. The Security +2.0 encryption protects your system from hacking, and Posi Lock anti-theft protection assures that your door stays closed once it is locked. Additionally, its battery back-up is highly purposeful at times of power outages!


With other big garage door openers, too much sound is quite a common thing. But we loved it when we opened and closed the door with this one that made minimal noise. Its belt drive was very quiet, and the doors didn’t jerk much while opening or closing! This is the best thing.

Easy Installation

It was as easy as a piece of cake when we installed the Chamberlain remote garage door opener. It didn’t take up much of time, and we just started working efficiently right away. After understanding its instructions, it is a pretty easy job to set it up. This will be a great advantage.

Smart LED Lights

The best part that made us like Chamberlain garage door opener B1381 this one more is its LED lights. And compared to other standard door openers, this one gives more light. Its motion sensors make it a lot smarter. We walked into the garage with armload goods, and its sensors turned the lights on! We were quite impressed and satisfied with the price we paid.

Hassle-Free Operation

After the easy installation, we were worried if the Chamberlain belt drive garage door opener would be efficient in its workings. But after connecting to Wi-Fi and downloading the myQ app, everything was very easy and systematic. The myQ phone app interface ensured that no matter where we are, to inform us if a garage door is open or closed.


Opening the garage doors has been easier with this Chamberlain Group B1381 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener. Unlike any other noisy garage door openers, this one is the ultra-quiet garage opener with its bright LED lighting. This will give comfort in dark places.

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